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More Photos

My apologies for disappearing for a while. Trying to upload photographs to the web in Ethiopia is not an easy task. I am beginning to work on an in-depth photo essay on the city of Addis Ababa that will explore such themes as the incredible Rastafarian culture, coffee ceremonies, traditional dance, orthodox rituals and the city’s mission to emerge as a modern metropolis, as well as the city’s on-going struggles with poverty and democracy. Let me know what you think of the photos I’m posting so far, and I’ll make sure to post the essay when it’s finished!
woman behind gateLittle kid smoking??Faces of Addis

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Despite the threat of being chased down by Ethiopian police, I’ve still managed to take some photos while here in Addis:

From top to bottom:

Mother of Mt. Entoto, Priest of the Italian Spicket, and Mother of the Kabenna River (We are following the Kabenna River for our piece on water scarcity and sanitation in Addis)

Woman of Mt. Entoto

Priest of Mt. Entoto

Mother of Kabenna River

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